Recently Published

・ “The Perils of Parliamentarism: Executive Selection Systems and Democratic Transitions from Electoral Authoritarianism.” (with Masaaki Higashijima) Studies in Comparative International Development (2022): 1-23.

・“The shift to consensus democracy and limits of institutional design in Asia.” (with Benjamin Reilly The Pacific Review (2022): 1-27.

・“Re-examining thresholds of continuous democracy measures.” (with Kota Mori) Contemporary Politics (2021): 1-21.

・“Malapportionment in Space and Time: Decompose this!” (with Yuta Kamahara and Junichiro Wada) Electoral Studies, 71:1-13, 2021.

・“Duterte Presidency and the 2019 Midterm Election: An Anarchy of Parties?” (with Julio C. Teehankee), Philippine Political Studies Journal, 41-1&2: 106-126, 2020.

Working Papers

・“Conditions of Successful Communist Movements in Asia: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis” (with Elena Korshenko and Jaemin Shim).

・”Sexist Politicians and Social Pressure: The Impact of Laughing at a “Rape Joke”” (with Hirofumi Miwa and Cleo Calimbahin)

・”Pretending Support?: Duterte’s Popularity and Democratic Backsliding in the Philippines” (with Hirofumi Miwa and Ronald Holmes)
・“Beyond Malapportionment and Gerrymandering: the Role of the Size of the Legislature in Partisan Electoral Manipulation in Malaysia” (with Chin-Huat Wong)

Other On-going Projects

・Breaking Waves: Putting the Third Wave of Autocratization in Context (with Kota Mori)
・Authoritarian Regimes and Legitimacy: How “Founding Fathers” Are Used and Misused (joint project)
・Knowledge production in Asia (joint project)
・Disinformation and the 2022 Philippine presidential election
・The anarchy of political parties in the Philippines