Working Papers

・“Better Regime Cutoffs for Continuous Democracy Measures”(with Kota Mori).
・“Beyond Malapportionment and Gerrymandering: the Role of the Size of the Legislature in Partisan Electoral Manipulation in Malaysia” (with Chin-Huat Wong).
・“Conditions of Successful Communist Movements in Asia: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis” (with Elena Korshenko and Jaemin Shim).
・“Regime Divergence at the Time of Decolonization in Asia: A Framework for Analyses.”
・“The Historical Origins of Long-Surviving Military Regimes: the Mode of Decolonization, Legitimacy Advantage, and Path Dependency” (with Masaaki Higashijima).

Recently Published

・“State Formation” in Takeshi Kawanaka and Koichi Kawamura eds., Modern History of Southeast Asia, Minerva Publishing, 2020 (in Japanase).
・“Malapportionment and Democracy: A Curvilinear Relationship” (with Kian-Ming Ong and Kota Mori) Electoral Studies, 49:118-127, 2017.
・“Democratization from Electoral Authoritarianism: Perils of Parliamentarism?” (with Masaaki Higashijima), Hikaku Seiji Gakkai Nenpo, pp.1-30, 2017 (in Japanese).

Other On-going Projects

・Breaking Waves: Putting the Third Wave of Autocratization in Context (with Kota Mori)
・Historical Origins and Dictatorship and Democracy in Asia (edited volume in Japanese and in English)
・Authoritarian Regimes and Legitimacy: How “Founding Fathers” Are Used and Misused (joint project)
・The Shift from Majoritarian to Consensus Democracy in Asia
・Political Dynasties in Asia
・Populism and Political Parties in the Philippines